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How Long Should House Sitters Leave a Client`s Home Unattended?

Reliable, trustworthy house sitters are worth their weight in gold. They often provide householders with the peace of mind they require to take an extended excursion. Some even agree to a job so that householders can snatch a last minute holiday getaway. If you have been hired to watch someone`s home while they will be away for any length of time, you may be wondering how long you should leave a client`s home unattended. Is it ever appropriate to leave the home while you are house sitting?

Abide by the Service Agreement

House sitters should complete a service agreement with clients before they leave, or at least verbally agree to some basic “house rules” so that everyone knows exactly where they stand. For example, if clients are afraid of their home being unoccupied between the hours of 5:00PM and 8:00PM, make sure you are there during those times. Turn on lights or the TV to make it obvious to onlookers, or would-be burglars, that someone is at home during that time.

House sitters generally stay at clients` homes overnight, so make sure you are where you say you are while you are caring for someone`s property. Some clients check up on house sitters while they are gone. Avoid any embarrassment or awkward questions by being where you are supposed to be.

When There Are Pets to Care For

When there are pets to care for, in addition to a client`s home, you will need to exercise even greater care and consideration. If Freddie the Beagle often has “accidents” if he is left for more than three hours unattended, make a note of that and be sure to never be gone for more than three hours. Toilet him right before you need to pop to the shops and then immediately after you return home.

Use Proper Discernment

House sitting can indeed be a relaxing, fun job. But that does not mean to say you should take advantage of clients while they are absent by going shopping, spending the day with friends or running errands for several hours when you have agreed to spend the weekend at a client`s home.

Most householders will understand that you may need to pop out for five minutes to pick up a takeaway for dinner or a jug of milk for tomorrow morning`s breakfast. But do not look for ways to be absent for inordinate lengths of time when you have a job to do.

House sitting can be a very rewarding job and give householders peace of mind. However, if you are house sitting you should not spend too much time away from the property. Abide by the service agreement as closely as possible, take proper care of any pets householders may have and use proper discernment if you need to absent yourself for any length of time.

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