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Keep Woodpeckers Off Your House

We were awaken at the butt-crack of dawn to a knocking sound right outside our living room window. After sleeping through the repetitive pounding for about a half hour, we eventually dragged ourselves out of bed to try to figure out what the annoying sound was. Lo and behold, it was a pair of woodpeckers knocking away at one of 3 exposed areas of our home, and we were none too pleased. Here are ways you can keep woodpeckers off your house and keep your house from being attractive to these interesting birds.

Woodpeckers choose homes to peck at for a few reasons, one of them in choosing your home in search of tasty bugs they can extract from the exposed wood in your home. They also peck at homes in search of areas to build their nests, and to attract mates. You don`t want woodpeckers choosing your home permanently though, so the best way to rid your house of woodpeckers is to scare them off at their first interference on your house.

Woodpeckers can be easily frightened off if they have just begun pecking at your home since they haven`t “invested” a lot into your house yet. Simply scaring them off by spraying them with a garden house, shouting at them (like we did- in addition to loading the 12 gage) or showing your mere presence can be enough to tempt them to lead their home invasions elsewhere.

If the woodpeckers have already done damage to your home, place cloth or foam over the exposed area. Woodpeckers are deterred by obstructions that they don`t like to peck through. Keep in mind, however, that even if you have tin or metal on your house, any exposed hole where a nail used to be can be easily opened and pecked through by a woodpecker looking to nest or feed. This is what happened in our case- those woodpeckers were getting to our wood foundation through metal and insulation. Cover areas woodpeckers are drawn to to keep them from returning.

Owl or snake or hawk figurines do little to deter woodpeckers unless they are hanging or blow in the wind. Rather, pinwheels that blow in the wind send off a reflection that scares woodpeckers off more effectively. Place pinwheels that rotate in the breeze on the areas of your home that woodpeckers are getting into to keep them at bay. Hanging pie tins or strips of tin foil on a string to sway in the wind help keep woodpeckers away as well.

In our case, we caught the woodpeckers on their first attempt on our home. We simply scared them off by placing one individual at the back door and one at the front, so no matter where the woodpeckers flew near our property, they were quickly scared off by waving and shouting. Our actual goal was to have the birds scatter from the back and fly over the field across the street so my fiance could blast em, but luckily for the woodpeckers, they flew to nearby trees and power lines to avoid getting shot. Either way, we successfully got rid of the woodpeckers, placed foam in the 3 areas they were attempting to destroy, and we haven`t heard from the woodpeckers since.


how we got rid of our woodpeckers

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