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The Old Home Supply House in Fort Worth Well Worth a Visit

The Old Home Supply House in Fort Worth is treasure trove of old and not-so-old building materials, home supplies, decorative accessories, and just about anything else you can imagine. Browsing through this architectural salvage shop is a treat, whether you`re looking to buy anything or not.

The treats of The Old Home Supply House are spread out on all four corners of College and Jefferson in the Historic Fairmount District (the official address is 1801 College Ave.), and every inch of the space is needed to contain the myriad products. You`ll find room after room after room jam-packed with such a variety of products it`s almost overwhelming. But don`t get overwhelmed, or give up, because it`s worth it to keep looking.

One building, and the yard surrounding it, contains mostly outdoor and patio-type products such as a gazebo, arbors, fountains, benches, garden balls, planters, and statuary, though the two suits of armor would probably fare better inside than out.

Across the street in an outdoor location you`ll find plumbing supplies such as sinks, toilets, tubs, and pipes, as well as windows, doors, grill and iron work. It`s all just there, waiting for you to discover it, stacked and piled, on the ground and shelves and up against the fence.

That`s part of the fun of The Old Home Supply House: digging through the stacks or piles and coming across something unique or truly beautiful; something you might not have expected to find, and couldn`t find anywhere else.

Doors and windows take up a lot of the space in the buildings that make up The Old Home Supply House. There are narrow and wide, short and tall doors, paneled doors, French doors, glass doors, patio doors, and when I was there, even a couple outhouse doors, and a whole outhouse as well!

Small stained glass panels, as well as mid-sized and large stained glass artwork (likely from a church), are just some of the many, many windows available: others are big, small, square, arched, clear and with color.

And just as doors and windows are in plentiful supply, so are the chandeliers: they`re everywhere. Keep looking up or you`ll miss them, and it would be a real shame to miss them. You`ll find chandeliers large and ornate, small and ornate, silly, colorful, and everything in between.

What else will you find at The Old Home Supply House? Just about anything you could possibly imagine finding in an architectural salvage store. Staircase railings, fireplace mantles, columns, pedestals. Bins and bins and boxes of crystals, hinges, hardware for drawers, cabinets and doors, house numbers, locks, keys. You name it, it`s here.

But that`s still not all. When I was there, there was a collection of old toys and games, lunchboxes, paintings and pictures, knick knacks, signs, and even several things unidentified. Not exactly architectural salvage, but old, pretty interesting, and capable of bringing up a memory or two or three.

When you go to The Old Home Supply House`”and you should definitely go`”give yourself lots of time so that you can really explore, because that`s what it`s all about. Let your inner child in the candy store come out, and revel in this store. You won`t regret it.

You can visit The Old Home Supply House Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 pm, Saturday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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“Homey” Ideas for Home Office Decorating

“Homey” Ideas for Home Office Decorating
“Homey” Ideas for Home Office Decorating

For a modern people, working is just inseparable for any other daily activity including at house. Not a small number of people who have to bring some of their jobs home. It means that at house, there must be a special place for work—we call it home office. Unfortunately it will be so frustrating to have a formal room to do all the job in our own house. We may need a personal touch, even the decoration which can make us feel more comfortable to stay there finishing the job. SO, here are some ‘homey’ ideas for home office decorating.

A Long Wooden Board. The ideas for home office decorating using a long wooden board can create a less formal home office spot. We need to find a side of a room which is not too wide and make a long wooden board to be placed alongside the wall. Here you will need the help of professional of a person who are good in stuffs like this. This board will be functioned as the table—well you can modify it by having a long table and place it next to the wall. On the wall, you can attach a board, your schedule, or even a painting to freshen the working atmosphere. Add the hanging lamps to make it more chic.


Kitchen Island-Like with a Wide View. If the previous idea is placing the home office at the end of the room, now what about make a real of ideas for home office decorating in the middle of the room. So, basically this home office will use a wide table which is positioned in the middle of the room—similar to how the kitchen island in placed. By having a quite wide table, we can place many things over there, not only the working stuffs like all the documents. You can place some flower pots or knick knacks to furnish the table. In addition, you can place your chair in any side, depend on where you want to look at and what view you wish to have.

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Considering about the Pool Safety for Children

Considering about the Pool Safety for Children
Considering about the Pool Safety for Children

The appearance of the swimming pool can be found easily in the modern house nowadays. Almost all of the houses of the people coming from middle class into the upper have the swimming pool in their house. Some styles can be chosen by people based on the subjective desire related to the good appearance of the swimming pool itself. Then some considerations that can be connected into other aspects found in the house also can be found related to the aspect of the swimming pool.

Actually the problem about the swimming pool in the house not only relates to the appearance but also into the function. People who have the children in their house for example must compose the different ideas than the people who do not have the children in their house because that can relate to the aspect of the function. The function of the swimming pool is actually for becoming the place of swimming. In other words it can be said that the swimming pool is the place for relaxing moment.


Nevertheless, the function like that cannot be gained if the safety aspect of its use especially for being used by children. So people must consider about the safety aspect of the swimming pool in the time of its creation. That even must be the first thing considered and the appearance of the swimming pool can be influenced by the consideration about the safety aspect too. Then, the perfect appearance can be reached if the safety function can be reached too.

The safety aspect of the swimming pool for children sometimes is forgotten by people. That is actually the wrong way in composing the idea about the good swimming pool. For the modern house, it will be funny if it can be found the amazing swimming pool but in the same time that has not the safety aspect for being used especially by children.

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Cheap Carpeting in Synthetic Material and Small Size

Cheap Carpeting in Synthetic Material and Small Size
Cheap Carpeting in Synthetic Material and Small Size

When talking about budget management, there will be so many aspects which we have to understand. Firstly, we have to know the price of the items which sho9uld inserted to the decoration. Secondly, we need to set the design in order not to take too much expense. Especially for the carpeting ideas, you should pay more attention on that. We suggest you to have the cheap carpeting for the limited budget. How to do that? We will explain for you through this discussion.

Actually; cheap carpeting should be for the minimalist house design. But if you have the large house design, there should be clever ideas to manage the carpet application. The large decoration will need the large carpet application too. But for the limited budget, you just have to put the carpet in a half only. Of course the half carpet application should be managed well. So, you can still find the interesting design in the small carpet in a half setting.


Then, you may consider the material of the carpet. Actually, there are so many kinds of synthetic carpet material. Almost some of them are cheaper than the wool carpeting. That is why the cheap carpeting can be got of you select the carpet in the synthetic material. Then, you may select the good color of the synthetic carpet. Even though your carpet is not as soft as the wool carpet, but you can still have the comfort there.

Those are the considerations which you should understand for buying the cheap carpeting. We hope that this information can be your solution if you have the limited budget to deal. But the cheap carpet must be interesting in the color and in the appropriate size. You should think about both ideas above for your limited budget to insert the carpet.

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How To Decor Small Home Gyms

How To Decor Small Home Gyms
How To Decor Small Home Gyms

Small Home Gym Decoration. Doing sport can be one of your mundane activities that you are mostly spending time. Therefore, the idea of small home gym can be very attractive for you if you happen to be one of those people. We understand that physical health is necessary for you to achieve to have a healthy lifestyle. You might feel going to gym everyday would cost you not only your time, energy but it costs quite a money. If you are that person who adores the idea of a small home gym, here are some things you need to pay attention.

The fact that your home is small, makes the functionality of each space is very crucial. You have to understand the space of your room. Make the great function of them. In having a small home gym, you have to put all your gym equipments in the place that has the best circulation air. That being said, put your gym equipments in the space that possesses a lot of windows.

Separate the space so that your gym activities will be settled and not be bothered by anything. As for the decorations, you can hang a couple of mirror in a likely place. The presence of mirror is necessary for the gym worker so that they can be motivated to achieve the best shape they are hoping to make. You can hang also a lot of fitness tips in the wall to constantly remind you the type of activities or exercises necessary for your health. Motivational quotes can also be hung in your gym area in order to boost up your motivation and your spirit as well.

One more thing to add, in the gym area you can place a carpet. This is restricted only for the gym space and not the whole room. This is to give convenience and great additional look to your home gym. In addition to that, it would make you easier to clean your home gym. Because you can clean up your gym with vacuum cleaner, you do not have to worry about having sweats all over the floor. Still confuse about how to decor gym in your home? try to read about Step Decor Personal Gym in Home from the article i have published before.

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Interrior Dining room

Interrior Dining room
Interrior Dining room

Dining Room Interior Design
Eating Room or the dining room in a house is one central place. Besides being a place to eat a family, often a variety of planning going on in this room. Even at home a very limited extent, the interior design of this space is often transformed into a multifunctional seating space while watching TV and the children make homework.

Interrior Dining room Blue Concept

The interior design of the dining room is a good dining room interrior design that has a function in accordance with its primary purpose, which is to eat well and to support other activities. Therefore, in managing or designing the dining room, many of which need to be considered. The dining table can also be placed adjacent to the kitchen set at the pantry in order to facilitate the activities of food preparation.

Interrior Dining room Main Dining Room

Along with the development of functions in interior design dining room, activity table above can be optimized as a ‘second family room’ where family members can share stories and exchange ideas on the table, as the study of children and ‘small office’ for parents when forced to carry their office work.

Italian style

If you prefer eating activity went well, without distraction, and time at the table to eat really quality time, you can give a touch of interior design that makes the dining room separated clearly with other space. You can put the dining room or in a special area with space activities to gain support, for example putting a dining room in the kitchen. If you love eating activity is thick with the feel of nature, you can put the dining room patio area overlooking the garden.

Interrior Dining room Halloween decoration

Structuring the lights in the dining room can be arranged in such a way to give light sufficient to illuminate the activities conducted on the dining table. Design chandelier above the dining table, the dining room can be a sweetener.
Orientation Activities Lunch

Luxurious Decoration

There are two types of orientation designs are usually done:
1. Centralized
Dining activities with centralized orientation are all sitting around the table with body position overlooking the center of the table. The pattern of the arrangement sits centrally create an atmosphere more intimate and warm as it enables the two-way communication and good visual contact between users.
2. Linear
Ate position lined up where all the users facing the same direction. This pattern is suitable for application in a small space and to create a casual atmosphere.

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Design Ideas for a Basement Entertainment Room

Design Ideas for a Basement Entertainment Room
Design Ideas for a Basement Entertainment Room

Basement Entertainment Room Ideas. Do you happen to have a basement in your home? Do you not know what to do with the basement in your home? Do you feel like you want to utilize your basement as your entertainment room? Possessing a basement is definitely an advantage for the owner of the house. Besides, it gives you extra space when every room in your house is filled with much stuff. Basement can be your indirect solution to cope with crowded house. We are going to share few basement entertainment room ideas for you to start with.

If you happen to love music and have a band, you can change your basement into your own little studio for practicing. Although it may be not huge in size, but it definitely works for the studio. With the location right beneath the house, you do not have to worry about causing disturbance to your neighbors because the noise is well-kept under your house. You just need to bring all the music instruments to the basement then your basement studio is now ready to use.


The other function of basement can be your study place or even your small library. Having several cupboards and tables will complete the whole thing. You can turn your basement to be your convenient place where you can just chill, sit down and take a nap. You can have an air conditioner, music speaker and even refrigerator to have fun with. After all, the basement is quiet and it works best for you if you are looking for a place to concentrate on studying. Additional sofa will do good as well.

Those are few ideas that you can adapt when having basement in your home. Make the very good use of your basement because it can be very useful for you to cultivate this basement into something that is for your entertainment.

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Keep Woodpeckers Off Your House

We were awaken at the butt-crack of dawn to a knocking sound right outside our living room window. After sleeping through the repetitive pounding for about a half hour, we eventually dragged ourselves out of bed to try to figure out what the annoying sound was. Lo and behold, it was a pair of woodpeckers knocking away at one of 3 exposed areas of our home, and we were none too pleased. Here are ways you can keep woodpeckers off your house and keep your house from being attractive to these interesting birds.

Woodpeckers choose homes to peck at for a few reasons, one of them in choosing your home in search of tasty bugs they can extract from the exposed wood in your home. They also peck at homes in search of areas to build their nests, and to attract mates. You don`t want woodpeckers choosing your home permanently though, so the best way to rid your house of woodpeckers is to scare them off at their first interference on your house.

Woodpeckers can be easily frightened off if they have just begun pecking at your home since they haven`t “invested” a lot into your house yet. Simply scaring them off by spraying them with a garden house, shouting at them (like we did- in addition to loading the 12 gage) or showing your mere presence can be enough to tempt them to lead their home invasions elsewhere.

If the woodpeckers have already done damage to your home, place cloth or foam over the exposed area. Woodpeckers are deterred by obstructions that they don`t like to peck through. Keep in mind, however, that even if you have tin or metal on your house, any exposed hole where a nail used to be can be easily opened and pecked through by a woodpecker looking to nest or feed. This is what happened in our case- those woodpeckers were getting to our wood foundation through metal and insulation. Cover areas woodpeckers are drawn to to keep them from returning.

Owl or snake or hawk figurines do little to deter woodpeckers unless they are hanging or blow in the wind. Rather, pinwheels that blow in the wind send off a reflection that scares woodpeckers off more effectively. Place pinwheels that rotate in the breeze on the areas of your home that woodpeckers are getting into to keep them at bay. Hanging pie tins or strips of tin foil on a string to sway in the wind help keep woodpeckers away as well.

In our case, we caught the woodpeckers on their first attempt on our home. We simply scared them off by placing one individual at the back door and one at the front, so no matter where the woodpeckers flew near our property, they were quickly scared off by waving and shouting. Our actual goal was to have the birds scatter from the back and fly over the field across the street so my fiance could blast em, but luckily for the woodpeckers, they flew to nearby trees and power lines to avoid getting shot. Either way, we successfully got rid of the woodpeckers, placed foam in the 3 areas they were attempting to destroy, and we haven`t heard from the woodpeckers since.


how we got rid of our woodpeckers

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7 Tips for a Better Kitchen

7 Tips for a Better Kitchen
7 Tips for a Better Kitchen

Are you searching for the tips for better kitchen of you today? You are in the right place then to get the best way of changing your way to cook in timeless. This is more than kitchen design and reorganizing the storage and furniture but these tips and tricks are really suitable for kitchen lovers and new generations. Whenever you are going to cook food or cake, you should try these best 7 kitchen tips for better skill and time which you can help you in the kitchen.

The first trick of tips for better kitchen is about grating the cold butter. You may never try this trick yet but you will love this idea by sticking of butter to close to frozen for working. Nevertheless, you should work fast to keep the butter from the melting. This is perfect for adding to flour before you bake the biscuits or any cake. The second tip is egg freshness test which may help you to keep save many eggs to go bad. Eggshells are porous that when the more air enters, they get lighter and lighter to eventually float.

Other tips for better kitchen are also available here for the third trick is freezing the ice pops with the smart way. You are suggested to grow up with a freezer full of them. So, you should place upright before freezing. Then, guarantee for a clean cut of them. The forth essential kitchen tricks are about peeling an orange like a genius. It is for you who don’t have any nails that you play a knife for each piece of orange. The fifth tip is freezing the left over sauce for your stock. It may be unusual but this tip can help you so much.

The next tips for better kitchen is DIY travel cup that you should stretch, press, and seal over any cup to make the cup a little more kid. This step works like magic. In this tip, you should poke a straw through the middle and get your own travel cup. Another tip is making your own yogurt pops. It is very perfect too for your travel plan. Make a sweet frozen treat to work the yogurt which is shaped out once frozen.

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Decorating tips Inspired Houses of the World Fashion

Decorating tips Inspired Houses of the World Fashion
Decorating tips Inspired Houses of the World Fashion

Decorating Tips Inspired Houses of the World Fashion
What is the relationship between fashions to home interiors? Rules in the dress that also can be applied to the arrangement of your home. Because according to, fashion rules and the basic ways in home decor much the same. Here come the decorating tips.

  1. Objects Invest Classic Style
    If you have to pull out a big budget to decorate the room, use it to buy goods classical style that would not look out of date so that you can use in the end. Classic dining table that looks luxurious, durable sofas and classic rugs can be included in your list. It is the first step for decorating tips.

Classing Dining Room

  1. Rain is Not Boring colors
    Neutral colors can be very boring sometimes. Occasionally, change your habits in a neutral color decorating brightly colored. In fact, the bright colors you can get an affordable price. Instead of always painting the walls with white, occasionally change the color of the walls of your room with a cool sky blue, bright red, but a classic, or a refreshing light green eye.

Blue Sky Wall

  1. Size to Fit
    Just like clothes, if it is too narrow will not comfortable to wear, but if it is too loose then look unattractive. Imagine how little a small room filled with a king-sized bed or how strange it was to see a large room filled only with a small sofa. Adjust the size of the room with an interior that you put in the room.

King Size Bed

  1. Highlight what You Like
    Disguise an Unpopular Let what you love to be the center of attention of the room. This can be done by using color, lighting, and furniture layout arrangement. You have to do the opposite with things you do not like by matching the color of your walls or disguised with other intelligent manner. Is your room has an amazing view of the beautiful fireplace or place? Arrange your furniture so that beauty can be the center of attention of the entire room.
    5. The color line
    Make one color as the main color of your room. Use a lighter matching color as the dominant color second. If you want to add a third color, use a lighter color matching of the two dominant colors
    in small amounts as in painting and decoration room that size is not too big.

Brown collor wall

  1. Charming Footwear to Create Overall Appearance
    Attractive beautiful carpets, wooden flooring that looks luxurious, and beautiful area rug can be a factor forming an incredible room. One way you can do is to play with tapestry motifs and colors.
    7. Classic with Additional Accessories
    As with classic style clothing that you can wear from morning to dinner and look different just by changing the accessories that you wear, the furniture was so classic. Objects that look like the timeless brown sofa can make it look different and not boring, by replacing the sofa cushion colors according to your mood or the season.
  2. Versatility
    Versatility is a wise choice multifunctional object can be paired with just about anything. If in case you are buying a fashion jacket made of wool that can be combined with a skirt or your favorite jeans, then in terms of decorating the room you can choose a chair that the sheath can be replaced so you can change it according to taste. Besides chairs, drawers easily moved from one room to another or multifunctional sofa that you can use as a place to sit for a coffee in the afternoon as well as additional seating could be a good choice.
    Thank you for reading decorating tips article which is make you understand how to decorating your room.