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Selling Old Wood from Houses Torn Down

With today`s pressure to recycle everything you can, it only stands to reason that you would want to recycle and sell a wood floor that comes from an old house, barn or condemned building. Many people would rather have old floorboards from a 100-year-old home than brand new ones. Maybe this is because old boards have history, character and a weathered look that is so popular in today`s culture. By knowing where and how to resell the old wood floorboards, you can make a nice profit and make someone else happy at the same time.

Sort the Boards into Piles

Sort and separate the boards into piles according to the wood type. As you go along, separate these piles even further. Place them into piles according to the condition of the wood. In one pile it can be oak, separated further into good boards or damaged boards, separated further into floorboards. This way you can easily go to the pile you want, and see how much you have on hand

Take a picture of the wood that you have for sale and make a flier. The picture should be taken in natural light. On the flier, you can put the number of floorboards that you have for sale, along with width dimensions and wood type. Add this information along with the picture you took Now you are ready to hang up your fliers. You should ask permission first, but most business will allow you to put up a flier with details on the kind of wood floor you have for sale and your contact information. Make extra so you can leave a stack of them on the counter. This way people can take one home and have the information they need to make a decision as to whether they want to buy.

Make a Flier

Advertise what you have on Internet sites that sell things. Ebay and Craigslist are two places that sell items that you have for sale. You can even make a website of your own, advertising the kinds of wood you have along with pictures. If the wood came from an old house, you may want to take a picture of it in the house, before you tear it apart.


Advertise in the local papers. List the kind of recycled wood that you have for sale, whether it is in good condition and how much you have. Be sure to include your phone number and the best time to call.

Talk to people and let them know that you have some recycled wood for sale. Word-of-mouth can go a long ways in helping to sell your product. It`s amazing how far the information that you have wood can travel.

Salvage Yards and Contractors

Contact a salvage yard that specializes in selling the wood recycled from old homes. Since they are in the business of reselling, they may buy it from you or put you in touch with someone else who might be interested.

Talk to local contractors. Because they are in the building industry, they may have a customer who wants to buy the recycled wood. Give them a sample of what you have for sale and they can show potential customers..


Donate it for charity. There are many organizations who help build or repair homes for people on a low income. By helping others, you will make someone happy and receive a nice deduction come tax time.

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