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organizing dining room

organizing dining room
organizing dining room

5 Steps to organizing dining room
Are you bored with the arrangement in the dining room at home? Perhaps the time is now right to change the location, as well as the decoration without the expensive cost and spent your time efficiency. Just follow the 5 Step Organizing Dining Room in this article.

Dining room Classic Style

As reported by housetohome, on Saturday 22 September 2012, just five easy steps in transforming the old dining room into a new more in a short time and of course obviously cheap makes organizing dining room as easy as flip your hand.

Dining room Farm design

First Steps wipe your dining room from items you no longer use. In order to begin to redecorate, you can just put a table right at the point of the room. For example, the placement of the table in the middle of the room, on the carpet that also has a matching color to the color of the floor.

Dining room Simple Design

Step Two, use color to create a game in the old dining room became brighter. Use the same color as the dining room with the kitchen, if it is indeed both together. Furthermore, if there is a window in the dining room, it also should be installed curtains with matching colors as well.

Dining room Thanksgiving Day

Step Three, the lighting is very important for you to do. Add a fairly bright light to spread to all corners of the room as it lights right above the dining table. Make sure you notice the light is not too harsh, but it can illuminate with nice people around who later took his seat.

Dining room For Big Family

Fourth step, which looked gorgeous accessories, will be able to make the room seem more alive. Please you put on display a collection of ceramics or furniture in a way that is not as common. Other than that, please also add pictures and paintings that match. This can serve as a conversation when guests are dining there with you at home.

Dining room Apartment kitchen ideas

The fifth step or lastly, make sure the theme of what you will be able to describe stretcher for your own dining room. Make sure, too, that one with a decorative ornament that can complement each other so that the apparent contrast. For example, heavy metal candles decoration with jewelry box and so on.
Those are the way to organizing dining room with efficient and controlled which is make yours comfortable, tidy, beautiful, and interesting to use it.

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Tips for Choosing New Kitchen Cabinets

Tips for Choosing New Kitchen Cabinets
Tips for Choosing New Kitchen Cabinets

It cannot be denied that every detail related to kitchen is very important to think about. You need to think about the colors and nuance of your kitchen. You are also need to think about kitchen furniture to make your kitchen looks complete. There are many kinds of furniture for kitchen that you can choose, and it means you ought to think about your kitchen cabinets. You’d better know that there are some considerations that you need to consider when choosing new kitchen cabinets.

Choosing new kitchen cabinets is not as easy as you think because you cannot just pick kitchen cabinets without thinking further about it. Since you have decided your kitchen nuance, you ought to really carefully while choosing paint for kitchen cabinets. You need to choose kitchen cabinets which have similar color tone and style with your kitchen. It will make your kitchen and its cabinets will look harmonize. Then, you should not forget to think about the size of the kitchen cabinets.


Having a large kitchen is one benefit for you because you can choose kitchen cabinets with larger range. Yet if you have a kitchen with limited space, you need to really careful while choosing new kitchen cabinets. You have to make sure that the kitchen cabinets that you want to buy will not take much of your space. Then, the last thing that you need to consider is about the cost of new kitchen cabinets because they are sometimes relatively expensive.

The last important thing for you while choosing new kitchen cabinets is about their quality. You have to make sure that the materials which being used by the cabinets are fine materials. So your cabinets will be durable, and you are able to use them for a long time. Overall, cabinets in a kitchen will be very useful. So, you need to make sure that the selected cabinets can give their full benefits for you.

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Top Six Appliances You Need In Your Kitchen

The pandemic is over and you probably felt that some of the appliances in your kitchen are not as good as they used to be. We can now order anything we want online, so if you are looking to upgrade your kitchen and you don’t know what you need for it, here are six essential appliances that you definitely need in your home.

Multifunctional blender

Homgeek Smoothie Blender, Multifunctional Blender 25000 RPM, 4 ...

A good blender will ease your work in the kitchen and opens new possibilities when it comes to food. With such an appliance, you can easily cook sauces, but also soups and pasta for children. A healthy smoothie will become a delight with a blender, and it will definitely be great if you want to host a party.


Choose a multifunctional model that would cut, slice and mix ingredients but also for squashing ice.

Multifunctional cutter

Image result for Multifunctional cutter

One of the most unpleasant ‘duties’ of a chef is cutting ingredients. How many times you cut your finger trying to slice onions? An electric slicer will help you cut onions, potatoes and fruits without risks. Choose a more powerful model of 400 to 600 W. Multi-functional slicers allow you to mix sauces and also to make creams for delicious cookies.

Sandwich maker

Vision Sandwich Maker - 94894, - Online Shopping in ...

A versatile sandwich maker is the dream of every mother, as it is the best appliance to satisfy the diverse tastes of children when it comes to sandwiches. You can even make waffles or a barbecue, being even ideal to prepare lunch for the entire family. It is practically a smaller grill, allowing you to cook vegetables and meat. Choose a model with detachable parts that would be a lot easier to clean.

Bowl mixer KitchenAid KB3SS 3-Quart Stainless Steel Bowl for Tilt ...

For the recipes with egg such as mayonnaise, you will need a large capacity bowl with a mixer. You can also use manual ones but the automated model with a bowl is a lot cleaner and spares you from mixing with your own hand.

Coffee filter

Image result for Coffee filter

A coffee filter is vital for the lovers of coffee, and can also be great for people who like to drink tea. Choose a model with automated programming, if you like the smell of coffee in the kitchen as soon as you wake up.

Microwave oven


Even if it is not actually a cooking appliance, the microwave oven is vital for heating cold foods and even for fast recipes. If you like to eat half of pizza in the evening the rest in the morning, heating it with an OTR microwave oven would be efficient and fast.

No matter what appliance you choose, try to become familiar with all the functions of the device. Make sure you are not buying an appliance for a function possible with something that you already have in the house. For example, some people would not need a bowl mixer and a multi-functional cutter, as both these devices have resembling functions.

One thing that is mandatory and connected with all the other appliances is the microwave oven. This is useful for heating all the foods you are cooking with other appliances; so many people say it is a must-have in any kitchen.

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Choosing the Right House Plan for Your Custom Home

Choosing a house plan for your custom built home can often be overwhelming. There are so many different choices that a person can easily get lost wading through them all. But with a lot of studying and careful thought, you can create a guide to help you choose your perfect plan.

Before you even start looking at house plans, you should begin thinking about who will be living in your house. Do you have a big family? Do you hope to start a family soon? What about special considerations for your family members such as an elderly person who doesn`t handle stairs well or someone in a wheelchair? Your dream home should fit your family members and leave a little room to grow if necessary.

Another important aspect in your house plan would be how you plan to live in your home. Maybe you like having people over for big family dinners. Then you`ll definitely want a large dining room. Or maybe you want to be able to see what`s going on in the living room while you`re working in the kitchen. There are house plans with the kitchen open to the great room for just this reason. What types of hobbies do you and your family members have? If you`ve got a cook in your family, you`ll want to make sure that your kitchen has room for all of those important gadgets that seem to go with cooking. These types of considerations will also factor heavily into choosing your house plan.

The next thing to start thinking about requires you a few field trips. As you are out and about, look around. You know you`ve seen houses before that you instantly loved. What about that house appealed to you? Maybe it was the columned porch; maybe it was the large windows; or maybe it was the arched front door. Before you start looking through plan books, it will be helpful to have a clear picture in your head of what you do and don`t like. Bear in mind, that nothing is concrete yet. However, knowing which styles suit you can help narrow down your list of choices even further.

Finally, the least fun, but possibly most practical, consideration in choosing a home plan is cost. Although some costs can be controlled during the construction process by choosing more or less expensive finishes or appliances, there is a certain portion of cost that is determined solely by the size of your house. You`ll want to find out the average cost per square foot in your area to help you determine how much house you can afford to build. Remember to leave room for overages so that you`re not suddenly out of money as you near the end of your big project.

Now that you`ve started compiling your list of “must have” characteristics for your house, you can start looking for plans that meet those needs. The process will still be long, but armed with your list, you`re already way ahead of the game. Happy home hunting!

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Tips for Design Apartment Garage Plans

Tips for Design Apartment Garage Plans
Tips for Design Apartment Garage Plans

Apartment garage plans used space experience changes in radical role, especially if the change is indeed a need. As well as an unused garage, convert this into a workspace gallery, with an ethnic feel of room setup. The main shape of the building itself is typically made of developers, which will change your apartment garage plans.

From the rear patio area and a apartment garage plans metamorphosis began. Changes role space is indeed a need, given workload sometimes often done at home. There needs to a comfortable working space while the arrangement rear porch which functioned as an open dining area overlooking a small gap, intended to bring a fresh atmosphere to the within the apartment garage plans.

Ethnic style and attached to natural of wood and stone are preferred owner of apartment garage plans style that has an educational background in archaeology, obvious his collection of objects that most of wood.
Specific nuances that are deliberately create to bring a different environment around, especially from the bustle of Jakarta. Creating atmosphere of apartment garage plans workspace that is not formal, casual, and likely, is expect a place to shortly “loose themselves” pleasant atmosphere, in the face of tasks that have to complete.

The Interior Designers Dewi Citra Smara can translate the wish, which indeed may be said have a tendency of ethnic designs. Stretched space divided into three regions, namely the reception, workspace, and seating area. Made from the natural environment outside building area through a wooden gate, which is connect the splitting paths as wide as building a small pond.

The small reception room with space uniquely designed wooden chairs. It is face when entering the room of about 40 square meters. Next is made of a divan workbench. As a pedestal, so according to the standard height desks, pedestals fitted with four legs as the pedestal. Last is a set of classic recliner was helped shape the wanted space.
Relaxing space directly bordering kitchen, separated only by bar table, which is working to deliver a dish that enjoyed while relaxing in this area. Artistic touch other is cloth mounted on wood enclosing ceiling rafters. These fabrics are nail to wood, and waving throughout the room. This makes room atmosphere became more artistic.

Through interior design, an unused space in the end is a good. Unique space that espouses role problem, can use as a sanctuary soothing because work area is usually formal atmosphere. Your apartment garage plans could be perfect.

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“Homey” Ideas for Home Office Decorating

“Homey” Ideas for Home Office Decorating
“Homey” Ideas for Home Office Decorating

For a modern people, working is just inseparable for any other daily activity including at house. Not a small number of people who have to bring some of their jobs home. It means that at house, there must be a special place for work—we call it home office. Unfortunately it will be so frustrating to have a formal room to do all the job in our own house. We may need a personal touch, even the decoration which can make us feel more comfortable to stay there finishing the job. SO, here are some ‘homey’ ideas for home office decorating.

A Long Wooden Board. The ideas for home office decorating using a long wooden board can create a less formal home office spot. We need to find a side of a room which is not too wide and make a long wooden board to be placed alongside the wall. Here you will need the help of professional of a person who are good in stuffs like this. This board will be functioned as the table—well you can modify it by having a long table and place it next to the wall. On the wall, you can attach a board, your schedule, or even a painting to freshen the working atmosphere. Add the hanging lamps to make it more chic.


Kitchen Island-Like with a Wide View. If the previous idea is placing the home office at the end of the room, now what about make a real of ideas for home office decorating in the middle of the room. So, basically this home office will use a wide table which is positioned in the middle of the room—similar to how the kitchen island in placed. By having a quite wide table, we can place many things over there, not only the working stuffs like all the documents. You can place some flower pots or knick knacks to furnish the table. In addition, you can place your chair in any side, depend on where you want to look at and what view you wish to have.

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Interrior Dining room

Interrior Dining room
Interrior Dining room

Dining Room Interior Design
Eating Room or the dining room in a house is one central place. Besides being a place to eat a family, often a variety of planning going on in this room. Even at home a very limited extent, the interior design of this space is often transformed into a multifunctional seating space while watching TV and the children make homework.

Interrior Dining room Blue Concept

The interior design of the dining room is a good dining room interrior design that has a function in accordance with its primary purpose, which is to eat well and to support other activities. Therefore, in managing or designing the dining room, many of which need to be considered. The dining table can also be placed adjacent to the kitchen set at the pantry in order to facilitate the activities of food preparation.

Interrior Dining room Main Dining Room

Along with the development of functions in interior design dining room, activity table above can be optimized as a ‘second family room’ where family members can share stories and exchange ideas on the table, as the study of children and ‘small office’ for parents when forced to carry their office work.

Italian style

If you prefer eating activity went well, without distraction, and time at the table to eat really quality time, you can give a touch of interior design that makes the dining room separated clearly with other space. You can put the dining room or in a special area with space activities to gain support, for example putting a dining room in the kitchen. If you love eating activity is thick with the feel of nature, you can put the dining room patio area overlooking the garden.

Interrior Dining room Halloween decoration

Structuring the lights in the dining room can be arranged in such a way to give light sufficient to illuminate the activities conducted on the dining table. Design chandelier above the dining table, the dining room can be a sweetener.
Orientation Activities Lunch

Luxurious Decoration

There are two types of orientation designs are usually done:
1. Centralized
Dining activities with centralized orientation are all sitting around the table with body position overlooking the center of the table. The pattern of the arrangement sits centrally create an atmosphere more intimate and warm as it enables the two-way communication and good visual contact between users.
2. Linear
Ate position lined up where all the users facing the same direction. This pattern is suitable for application in a small space and to create a casual atmosphere.

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7 Tips for a Better Kitchen

7 Tips for a Better Kitchen
7 Tips for a Better Kitchen

Are you searching for the tips for better kitchen of you today? You are in the right place then to get the best way of changing your way to cook in timeless. This is more than kitchen design and reorganizing the storage and furniture but these tips and tricks are really suitable for kitchen lovers and new generations. Whenever you are going to cook food or cake, you should try these best 7 kitchen tips for better skill and time which you can help you in the kitchen.

The first trick of tips for better kitchen is about grating the cold butter. You may never try this trick yet but you will love this idea by sticking of butter to close to frozen for working. Nevertheless, you should work fast to keep the butter from the melting. This is perfect for adding to flour before you bake the biscuits or any cake. The second tip is egg freshness test which may help you to keep save many eggs to go bad. Eggshells are porous that when the more air enters, they get lighter and lighter to eventually float.

Other tips for better kitchen are also available here for the third trick is freezing the ice pops with the smart way. You are suggested to grow up with a freezer full of them. So, you should place upright before freezing. Then, guarantee for a clean cut of them. The forth essential kitchen tricks are about peeling an orange like a genius. It is for you who don’t have any nails that you play a knife for each piece of orange. The fifth tip is freezing the left over sauce for your stock. It may be unusual but this tip can help you so much.

The next tips for better kitchen is DIY travel cup that you should stretch, press, and seal over any cup to make the cup a little more kid. This step works like magic. In this tip, you should poke a straw through the middle and get your own travel cup. Another tip is making your own yogurt pops. It is very perfect too for your travel plan. Make a sweet frozen treat to work the yogurt which is shaped out once frozen.