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Tips on How to Paint a Wood Doll House

Painting a wood doll house is a fun project to do with the kids or on your own. When painting a wood doll house you can use these tips to avoid some of the disasters you may have already encountered.

Wood Doll House Painting Tips #1: Primer

Primer is the first and best secret to painting a wood doll house. We use primer on other surfaces when painting our own home, but many people over look this idea when painting a doll house.

Try using a spray on spray paint primer to get into small areas. This will also be much thinner than a paint on primer.

You will also want to use a colored primer, like gray. This will color in corners and help when you go to paint the walls and floors. If you use a white primer then the small white bits can show through when you go to paint on a dark color.

Wood Doll House Painting Tips #2: Details

Paint trim before you apply it to the wood doll house. This is important for any small details that can be added last. It is extremely difficult to paint window trim, stair case banisters and other small details. So, before you go gluing them into place, paint them.

Now, painting all the pieces before assembling is not a great idea because added dimension will come with the paint. This will cause the main pieces of the house to not fit together properly, especially pieces with tabs.

If you are simple gluing on small detail piece on top of a wall, window, or step though, this works like a charm! So, keep in mind if there are tabs that must slide together and work from there.

Wood Doll House Painting Tips #3: Wood Stain

Wood stain is a fun and fast way to age out any paint on your wooden doll house. Part of the charm of a wooden doll house is the nostalgia. Fresh crisp paint in new colors is sure to make it look too new.

So, choose your paints and go ahead and pant out the whole wood doll house. Let it dry for 24 hours. Now, use a wood gel stain and rub it over the painted surfaces with a clean white cloth.

The wood stain will collect in the corners and make the whole piece look older. The wood gel stain will also age the paint on the surface of the doll house as well!